Telemetry Device

Complete Hardware and Analytics for Precision Farming

Samhitha provides end-to-end Digital Farming Solutions using Telemetry devices, Mobile App & AI-based Advisory.

Excess moisture is as detrimental as water stress with regard to the productivity and longevity of fruit trees. Samhitha is deploying solar-powered cellular telemetry devices to measure soil moisture at two depths.

First, one is in the root zone which helps in scheduling irrigation, and the second one is just below the root zone to detect shallow water tables, sub-surface seepage, etc.

In the majority of the cases, farmers reduce irrigation water to one-third based on the sensor data and also observed trees are healthier than they were before. Moisture sensors also help crop advisors to monitor the wilting points when the irrigation water is with-held to induce stress in citrus trees before the flowering season.